At the company’s recent annual dealer meeting in Nassau, The Bahamas, Yamaha Watercraft, a division of Yamaha U.S. Marine business unit, unveiled new Yamaha models and accessories for 2020.

More than 1200 Yamaha Powersports and marine retailer representatives got a sneak peek at new WaveRunner product lines including a premium 19-foot runabout boat, a powerful 19-foot center console boat, a surf accessory package for 19-foot models and custom-designed speaker kits and storage solutions for WaveRunners, as well as bold new colors and graphics.

General Manager of Yamaha’s Watercraft Group, Bryan Seti, said of the 2020 offerings, “These new products elevate our line even further and offer new accessories and aftermarket solutions that create all-new ways for our customers to use and enjoy their boat or WaveRunner.”


Yamaha Models | NEW FOR 2020

Yamaha 195S

The Yamaha 195S is based on the recently-updated 19-foot hull and deck introduced for 2019 and features a host of new appointments including MarineMat flooring, co- captain’s chair, docking lights, 7” Connext® with maps, Wet Sounds™ speaker package and a custom CNC nameplate on the 195S tower structure.

Yamaha 195FSH

The Yamaha 195FSH comes with a single, supercharged Yamaha 1.8L SVHO marine engine— comparable performance to the SX and AR195. This boat can achieve 0-30 mph acceleration in under 6 seconds has a top speed of 50 mph. These models also feature the MarineMat flooring kit, upgraded switch panels, steering wheel knob, rod, and cup holder combo on the bow and a brand new electric raw water washdown pump with a higher PSI than the previous Jet Wash® system.

Yamaha Wakebooster Surf Accessory Package for 19-foot Yamaha Boats

The Yamaha Wakebooster Surf Accessory Package is now available allowing water sports enthusiasts to wake-surf behind all-new models in the lineup. The Yamaha WakeBooster package will also include a custom ballast solution for maximizing the surf wake. With the extra ballast and the Yamaha WakeBooster attached, the wake behind 19-foot boats is impressive and easy-to-ride even for beginner and intermediate level riders.

Yamaha Exclusive WaveRunner Speaker Package

The Yamaha Exclusive WaveRunner Speaker Package comes in two variations, one for the EX®/VX® Series models, and a larger set for the FX® Series. The speaker sets feature high-quality sound, increased wattage output and double the playtime battery life.

Innovative Storage Solutions for VX and EX Series WaveRunners

Innovative Storage Solutions for VX and EX Series WaveRunners are designed for the more adventurous VX WaveRunner owners who enjoy extended cruises or want to fish from their PWC. This unique storage solution is compression-molded for added ruggedness and versatility but features a removable soft case inside that can serve as an insulated cooler. It can also double as a fishing set up with rod holders and tackle storage to create a fully fishing capable WaveRunner.

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