Kawasaki Jet Ski, which was first released in 1972 is a personal watercraft (PWC) manufactured by Kawasaki that is popular among water sports fans and the everyday sea lover. Jet Skis serve a number of uses from racing, to fishing, or casually cruising through the water, and buying one is a serious decision and it’s best to be informed of what they are and the capabilities. Jet Skis come in various models to cater to amatuer and professional riders. If you are thinking about buying one let’s first start by going over the basics of personal watercrafts.

Speed and power

Jet Skis have a good amount of speed and power behind them. This lets their riders perform things like tricks and even allows for some casual cruising around. This power also makes Jet Skis pretty good for fishing and hauling a good size load. A watercraft needs a lot of power if it’s going to haul a person, fishing equipment, and a nice day’s catch.


The price of a Kawasaki Jet Ski varies based on the model that you want to purchase and what time of the year you buy your Kawasaki Jet Ski. More often than not riders will usually find better deals on Jet Skis in the winter months when most riders are not on the water, due to decrease in sales due to weather conditions. Just as you can go to a used car dealership you can also buy used Jet Skis from dealerships at a reduced price. It’s best to shop around and match your needs to the model that’s best for you, to ensure you’re not spending too much on a model that really doesn’t fit you.

Simple maintenance

Cleaning and servicing a Kawasaki Jet Ski is pretty easy. Most of them just require a quick hose down and that’s all. As for maintenance, if you are not experienced with servicing watercrafts, it’s best that you find a mechanic who specializes in watercrafts. Some maintenance needs can be self taught by reading up on the problem and watching videos or consulting someone who has experience. Most maintenance on Jet Skis requires common tools but the knowledge to fix them can be the hard part.

Safety considerations

Like with every vehicle, there are safety considerations to observe when riding. Watercrafts, in general, require a different awareness than driving a car. Just as there’s rules of the road there are also rules in the water. With cars there is more traffic to worry about in such a close proximity, but in the water there are other water users, boats and vessels to be aware of. First and most importantly, boats, fishing vessels, and other commercial vessels always have the right of way. If you find yourself about to cross paths with another boat or Jet Ski, the craft on the right side has the right of way. When it comes to speed, speed limits are usually set by local regulations or by-laws, so follow the limits, whether they are posted or not. It is important that you wear an approved life jacket and eye protection to prevent water spray from obstructing your view. Lastly, never operate your Jet Ski without the safety lanyard attached to you, as the lanyard will immediately cut the Jet Ski’s engine if you fall from the craft.

They are seasonal

Watercrafts can be seasonal depending on where you live. Trying to ride a Kawasaki Jet Ski in the winter may not be a good idea as depending on where you live, the water tends to freeze over making it more dangerous to ride your Jet Ski. Warmer climates like summer and spring are the best times to take a Jet Ski out on the water. As stated before, this also causes prices to fluctuate a bit. When it gets to the colder seasons, you will see a dip in some watercraft prices. This doesn’t mean that every dealership will have deals but some of them are sure to have them. Be sure to check around at your local dealerships during the winter to take advantage of certain deals.

Good for all experience levels

A Jet Ski can be enjoyed by riders of all experience levels. Some riders that just start out may want to try out a single-seat model that’s not too powerful, this way they can get used to the feel of being on the water. If you are looking to buy a PWC for fishing purposes you will want to find one that has larger storage capacity and has a deeper hull, as a deeper hull will ride more smoothly over choppy waters. Typically a 3-seater is better because it allows for more cast positions than a 2-seater. This kind of flexibility makes a Kawasaki Jet Ski a great watercraft to stick with as a rider gets better, and ws a rider finds more uses for their PWC.

Final thoughts and considerations

Getting a watercraft is a big decision. Jet Skis make a great choice for having fun on the open water, and are a good long term investment. They are stable on the water which allows riders to safely do tricks or traverse rough water, and the various models allow customers to find a model for their specific needs. There are various models for the occasional rider to the sports fisher, which makes Jet Ski a great choice for riders who want a bit of variety for their watercraft, as some riders may want two Jet Skis, one for a nice ride and another for something like towing.
Getting a good deal on a Jet Ski is pretty easy if the season and dealership are right. Since watercrafts are seasonal, it’s a good idea to keep riding them in warmer seasons like spring and summer. Jet Skis are very forgiving to amateur riders and offer a lot of perks for riders who have been at it for a while. When shopping around for a good watercraft consider getting a Jet Ski, they make a great lifelong investment.

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