When you are thinking about buying a four wheeler there are a few things to consider beforehand. Things like the laws of your state, what kind of ATV you want and where you can use it are all important considerations. It is very simple to find the right one for you or whomever you are buying it for but can be very confusing to someone who is just starting out on buying one for the first time. Here are a few things that you are going to want to look out for when you are buying a ATV. 

Laws and Regulations

What are the laws and regulations for ATVs in your state? It can vary but often you will find that most of them boil down to what kind of engine, tires and body the ATV has. Make sure that if you are planning on using it for anything other than private property drives that you are keeping within the regulations of your state. This means looking into what kind of tires that it has, how big the engine is required to be when traveling on the road and even what licensing you need for driving it on the roads. Yes, when you are planning on driving the ATV on the road there are many states that require you to have a minimum of a license such as a moped or motorcycle license. Also keep in mind that some states even have regulations on how loud it can be so when you are going to purchase the vehicle make sure it is up to code with its systems or you could be fined a hefty ticket price for one that is not up to code. Now, when you are planning to only use it off road for recreational use only there are far less rules that you have to abide by but there are still rules. You do not need a license to drive the ATV on private property even if you are using it to transport goods so long as it is your property or you have permission to be on said property. If you are in need of custom motorsports parts, these rules can make you aware of the customizations that are legal. 

Body Style 

Often this is something that is overlooked when you are buying an ATV, but make sure that the body style is a good fit for you. Making sure that it is comfortable and you are not sitting on the ATV in a crooked position can make it much safer when you are driving. Many motorsports parts can be added, but size is usually not customizable. When the body style is off it can make the whole thing so much more dangerous because of the fact that the safety aspects are compromised and you will have no way of activating them when it comes time to need them. If you are buying from a private seller make sure that there is no extreme damage to it or be prepared to fix that damage before riding because even a loose wheel cover can quickly become dangerous as there is a risk that it could come off when driving and cause injury or damage to you, others and even property. The other thing to keep in mind with the body style is the size, is it the proper size for the person that it is being purchased for. If you are on the smaller side I would recommend purchasing a huge ATV to get on so that you can easily sit on and maneuver because once again it will just be safer and more comfortable for you. 

Basic Maintenance

Before purchasing a ATV look into the kind of maintenance that it is going to require. Motorsports parts are available, but with limits. Is it something that you are going to be able to take care of on your own or will you need to call someone when there is an issue? These are things that not only will keep you safe but will also make sure that you are not spending a ton of money on a fix that you can take care of right in your driveway for a lot less money. Also if you are buying a used ATV make sure that you know everything that has been done to the vehicle beforehand, so that when you get home and something is not working quite right you already know what has been done to it and can help to reduce the hunt and search for things that could be wrong with it. The best questions to ask are things like when was the starter replaced? How long has it been since it had a battery or oil change? There are so many things that you want to make sure that you know beforehand so you are not buying a junk ATV and wasting your money. I recommend that if they cannot answer these questions or are unwilling to walk away from the sale because they may be trying to scam you into paying full price for a vehicle that is no where near working order. 

If you keep these things in mind along with doing your own research then you should have a really simple time finding and purchasing an ATV. Never buy a used ATV without test driving it first and above all else if there is something wrong with it that could be even remotely dangerous do not drive it until you have the opportunity to get it fixed. Make sure you speak with a reputable brand representative and learn all the ins and outs of the particular ATV that you are considering buying at the time. Also keep in mind that when you are buying an ATV for a child that the power of one made for adults is something that could pose a threat to their overall safety. It is better to start out with something smaller and slower first. This will tell you where they are when handling a piece of machinery without having the huge risk of them not being able to handle a full out adult ATV.For ATVs, and quality motorsports parts stop by the Riva showroom today.

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