There are so many different sports styles and must-see events within motorsports from jet skis, to offshore powerboating, ATV, to motocross . Some are high impact, some are all about tricks and stunts, some are about speed, and some test mental and physical endurance. With a plethora of motorsports events going on this year this article is a culmination of all of that — a list condensed into the top must-see races in 2020 in no particular order.


Nitto King of the Hammers: Feb. 7


It takes place in Johnson Valley, California. It has solidified itself as the toughest one-day off-road races in the world. It was a series of 5 races combining rock crawling and desert racing, but this year it is stretched into nine days. Nitto King of the Hammers is sure to be more entertaining and action than ever before. This event has everything from buggies to motorcycles, UTV’s to SUVs, and trucks too. The event is not only a rough race for the racers but the spectators as well. They have to camp in the winter desert for days and have limited to no internet connectivity.


AMA ATV MX National Championship: Mar. 10- Aug. 28


The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) ATV Motocross Championship is unquestionably one the the premier professional and amateur ATV motocross series in the world, offering classes for riders as young as four years and as old as they want to be. This series which attracts 500-600 racers hailing from almost every state, Europe, Canada, Australia, and South America, consists of two distinct championship tours- one for TT-style flat track racing and another for rough and tumble motocross, for both professional and amaeture riders. There’s a class for everyone in this championship and riders can choose to chase a championship or just see what they have to bring when the “Big Show” comes to their backyard. These Fri-Sun racing series welcome everyone of all ages and there is no pre-qualification process. No matter if you’re a spectator or rider this event is sure to create memories for the ages and will continue to contribute to the culture of ATV racing. 


P1 AquaX Series: Apr. 18- Aug. 23


The P1 AquaX is the fastest growing and most exciting personal watercraft (pwc) championship in the world. Its rapid growth is owed to a simple, yet challenging race format that appeals to today’s personal watercraft users. This London-based Jet Ski and Powerboat series found its way to the USA in 2013 and continues to grow and attract fans and a mix of first-time and experienced racers. With a mix of endurance (ENDURO) and speed (SPRINT) events this personal watercraft championship tests the racers both mentally and physically and keeps the crowd on their feet the entire time. If you get a thrill out of jet skis and powerboats this is a can’t-miss event for fans of all ages. 

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Jun. 21- Jun. 28


Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known as “The Race to the Clouds’ ‘ is the second oldest motorsport race in American and a long-standing tradition in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region. First debuted in 1916, this motorcycle and automobile race is ran on a 12.42 mile course with 156 turns that begins at 9,390 feet and finishes at the 14,115-foot summit of America’s Mountain is nothing short of amazing. Drivers, then and now, are challenged by the torturous road and the rapidly changing weather. Starting out in sunshine, the driver could travel through sleet, thunderstorms, wind, hail, fog, or blinding snow before finishing, earning this famous race the descriptive term “The Race to the Clouds.” If you’re looking for a nail-biter, look no further than Colorado Springs. 


The Race of Gentlemen: Sept. 30- Oct. 4


Looking for an item on this list you haven’t heard of yet? Well, this is it. In 2008, reformed motorcycle club members formed this event in Wildwood, New Jersey. They use original cars and vintage bikes that look old and classic. This event is open to both men and women and is an event that has head-to-head races. It’s a throwback to the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The music, the scenes, and the cars all play an integral part in the success of this event. 


ISJBA World Finals: Oct. 3- Oct. 11


The International Jet Sport Boating Association (ISJBA) World Finals, held every year since 1982 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona U.S.A., is a true focal point on the personal watercraft competitive racing calendar. This invitation-only racing series attracts more than 750 of the world’s best personal watercraft racers, leaves fans on the edge of their seats, and has been the cornerstone of ISJBA racing. As pwc racing continues to gain more recognition and there has been an increasing prominence of IJSBA affiliate organizations in other countries, this sport long dominated by American riders continues to blossom and bring a true meaning to “World Finals”. With a mix of events from slalom, to freestyle, endurance, and even drag racing the October success at Lake Havasu remains the crown jewel for the world’s personal watercraft racing elite. 

Since its inception in 1910 when board track racing became widely popular, the culture, recognition, and motorsports itself continues to grow strong year after year. From powerboats, to ATVs, jet skis, and even dirt bikes, motorsports never fail to bring riders back and leave fans at the ends of their seats. With events like the AMA ATV MX National Championship hosting races with riders as young as four years old and as old as they want to be, motorsports knows no limits. Whether you are a rider or a fan, a car lover or motorsport enthusiast, or are simply looking for some weekend plans there’s is definitely going to be an event or two in here that suits your interests. With so many car shows, cruise-ins, classics, races, Indy car races, and scrap metal races, taking place this year, you surely will find an event that fits you.

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