Is your jet ski or personal watercraft summer ready? If you did a good job of winterizing it, you should be all set to hit the water with minor maintenance. But even if you didn’t, you can be up and riding waves in no time with a few quick steps.


Visual Inspection & Engine Check

When you uncover your PWC, give the engine compartment a thorough visual inspection. Check the fuel and cooling lines to make sure they are soft and supple and no cracks or hardening developed over the winter. Check electrical connections and clean away any buildup or corrosion with a wire brush and a baking soda/water paste.

Since this is likely the cleanest and driest your engine will be all season, this is a great time to spray a protective layer of silicone anti-corrosion spray on the top and sides.


Wash & Wax

Once you finish with the engine check-up, wash off the dust and clear out the exhaust pipe. Now you can turn your attention to your PWC’s exterior. Even though you probably gave your craft a thorough wash and wax before storing, this is the perfect time to freshen it up and give an added dose of protection to the surface with a wash ‘n’ wax product. You should also clean and condition the saddle with a vinyl product, but choose carefully as some “protectants” can make the vinyl slippery.


Gas and Oil

Drain any fuel and oil that was stored in your craft and refill with fresh gas and oil. You may want to treat gas with a marine fuel treatment or stabilizer, although opinions vary on this. Some suggest that there’s no need to stabilize the gasoline and instead recommend a continued-use product such as Yamaha’s Engine Med RX with each fill-up.


Battery Check

Finally, it’s time to check your battery. If you’ve kept it on a maintenance charger over the winter, it should be good to go. If not, charge it now. Coat terminals and cable connections lightly with dielectric grease.



Once all of your equipment has been checked, cleaned, protected and charged, it’s a good idea to do a test run using a flush hose and factory-recommended flush attachment before trucking your PWC to the dock. Follow the proper order to avoid engine damage: Start engine before turning on water supply. Turn the water supply off before stopping the engine.

That’s it! You just made personal watercraft summer ready! Enjoy your PWC responsibly.


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